Year 2023 Goals

Year 2023 Goals

2022 is gone, and we will never see that year again. Ever. A short lookback wouldn’t hurt, but there is no point dwelling and regretting the things we could have done differently. Speaking of which, in order to minimize the regrets, I don’t want to have so high expectations that they seem unrealistic. It works for me because I’ve come to learn to be content and grateful with simple things. Always have something to eat in the fridge, to travel, roof above my head that keeps us warm, surrounded by my loved ones, things like that. Simple stuff but powerful.

Yet, I have (just) a few goals I’d like to accomplish this year. In line with this article (that I wrote in October 2022), here are the concrete goals:

Goal 1: Start actively using Azure Synapse Analytics on the job to modernize the data warehouse system, be it at GMBC or somewhere else.

Goal 2: Give Dansa one last push (for real, this time). 2023 will be its final year, if there is no progress.

Goal 3: Win one (yep, just one) project for Yapa.

Goal 4: Start bulancoffee on Instagram (nice to have: also a Youtube channel), which promotes coffee beans from Indonesia and businesses that sell them.

Goal 5: Create and maintain a website for my dad and at the same time get to know his stories by doing that. Hopefully, it will keep him busy on his retirement.

Let’s get back to this article again in December 2023 (note to self: and write an article called Year 2023 Review).

Update 2023-12-31: The article is here.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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