Hi, my name is Andre Sasongko. I currently lead the IT team at a firm in Hamburg (Germany) providing services to insurance companies and partners. I also support Bulan Project, an initiative to help underpriviledged girls in Indonesia achieve higher education and/or start a business.

This is a blog about me trying things in my professional fields, which are data and technology, as well as in areas of my other interests, such as finance and investment. I don’t recognize myself as an expert in any of these things as I fail more often than not. I certainly am proud of and cherish every single of the few successes I have managed so far. Through my failures and missteps, though, I learn some valuable lessons for my own development not only as a professional, but more importantly as a person.

All opinions and conclusions on this website are completely my own.

For more information, visit:

  • Linkedin to see my professional fields and experience
  • GitHub for my code collection
  • my YouTube channel, mostly tutorials (at least I try) but sometimes also announcement like the one below
  • If the links above are not enough, this tools page should do it