Year 2023 Review

Year 2023 Review

One year ago, I wrote the Year 2023 Goals article, that contains 5 goals. Of these five goals, none of them were really fulfilled. I will discuss it point-by-point. Spoiler alert: some of those goals were not achieved because I had something better 🙂

Goal 1: Start using Azure Synapse Analytics. I did not continue this goal, because Microsoft released Fabric and put the Synapse under it. So instead of wasting my time in Synapse, I waited until Fabric was general-public released.

Goal 2: Dansa. Instead of pursuing Dansa as I had intended to, I got to know the Subcultours founder, Katja, and joined her to promote the service in Hamburg. So I’m closing Dansa. I created an Instagram @dansahub, though.

Goal 3: Yapa. Nope, no project with Yapa. I won a Power BI project on my own, however, which forced me to be some kind of a Power BI expert.

Goal 4: bulancoffee. No coffee, either. It turned out, I don’t have anymore energy and time to pursue this.

Goal 5: my dad’s website. It is still kind of open.

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