A Land So Close Yet Far Away

A Land So Close Yet Far Away

A 50 year-old man owns a piece of land that is about 2 hectares, high up on a mountain but only 10 minutes away to the sea with an e-bike.

The land has 7 main buildings,  three of them are being used for education. It’s like a school, with more practical trainings. The trainings are focused on digitalisation and creativity, preparing the kids to be independent and ready for the future. Every kids  from 6 to 16 years old on the nearby villages can go there for free, after their formal education. The teachers and lecturers are both domestic and international volunteers. In one of the buildings there is a co-working space. With a small fee, anyone can use the wifi and cozy lounges to connect with the outside world.

Located roughly 100 meters farther, two other buildings are used for hotel and restaurants, for around 100 guests at any given time. Friendly enough for families, but also affordable for broke students with good attitude. Two middle-sized swimming pools are located at the ground level, one for relaxing and the other for playing. The hotel is always at least 90% booked around the year because it’s always summer here. The hotel and restaurants are the main income for the whole establishment.

The last building is actually a house. Here is where the 50-year-old man lives with his wife. It is located on quite a bit higher ground than the rest of the land, so he can enjoy the view to the sea and watch the other buldings, while sipping a cup of local tea and coffee. The house itself is not big, around 60 m2. A veranda, a small living room, two bedrooms, one of which is almost always empty for private guests, and an open space kitchen with a dine table. In addition, there is small office space with a sea view, in which he spends his day for running businesses and other matters.

The rest of the land is used for farm and agricultures that produce vegetables and fruits. Most of them are consumed by the guests on the hotel and restaurant and the employees of the land. The rest of the products are either sold in the nearby farmer’s market or donated to the locals.

The 50-year old man thinks to himself, ” I could stay here for the next 25 years”.

Photo by Evan Krause on Unsplash

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