When I realized I Was Not a Software Developer

A few years ago at the beginning of my 3-year freelancing journey, I just joined a project at a big, international marketing agency in Düsseldorf as a Business Intelligence Developer. This required me to stay in Düsseldorf Monday through Friday (at the time, WFH was not yet a thing) for 6 months. Back in Hamburg at almost the same time, someone I know asked me if I could help her optimizing and adding a few features on her website. No big deal, I thought.

Microsoft Azure

Start With Azure as Database Developer

If you are like me, you may have heard Azure a few years ago for the first time. You may even have tested and tried to work with it. But somehow, either you’ve been turned off by the cost (it starts reasonably small, but it can have snow ball effect if you are not careful) or the demands were not really out there. So you decided to stop using the service because you’d better use your time for something else.

However, cloud computing is the thing now, and it makes sense to give it another look.