ansaworks-about-analyticsAnsaworks is a data-driven digital agency based in Hamburg, Germany and was founded in January 2015 by Andre Sasongko. Because of his proficiency in business intelligence and data analysis, Andre both single-handedly and through partnership started getting a wide range of clients in this area, from Startups such as Kreditech and Channelpilot to established companies such as Mediacom and Steinel.

As demand grows, so do Ansaworks services and team. Business Intelligence and Data Analysis remain Ansaworks main business and competence. However, to match our ambition to play in a global market, Ansaworks expands its services to process optimization and app development and has cooperation offices in Jakarta and Hong Kong. To stay truth to our core and to efficiently develop, Ansaworks gathers and uses data before, during, and after delivering the solutions that benefit our clients. Contact us to learn more about our process.



ansaworks-andre-sasongko-business-intelligence-300x300Andre Sasongko

Having an experience in database development and management since 2001 both in the U.S. and Europe,  Andre went on from a regular employee to an entrepreneur in  the beginning of 2015 by starting Ansaworks. Entrepreneurship and Technology have been his passion, therefore combining these two aspects is a natural thing to do. As the founder and CEO, Andre is responsible for the strategy and development process.

His dream is to make Ansaworks a global player in the world of data-driven development.